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We all use and need Information Technology and Information Systems. IT has become a cost centre without which modern business cannot function, but for most businesses it is exactly that - a cost centre. It absorbs cash, reducing retained profit. In most "substantial" organisations (50+ employees) IT consumes between 3 and 12 percent of turnover, depending on the nature of the business, the "typical" business spends 7-8% of turnover on IT.

SBA believes, through hard-earned experience, that most organisations spend far more on IT than they need to, and so are significantly less profitable than they could be. Simply put, if net profit is 10% in an organisation that spends 7% of turnover on IT, and that IT spend could be reduced to 5% of turnover, the increase in net profit is 20% - an easy win.  
SBA does not offer any magic bullets or wonderous products to reduce your IT costs. The majority of IT overspend and waste is due to less than optimal management, poor communication and understanding between IT and the rest of the organisation, and a lack of business skills within IT management and IT teams.

SBA offers consultancy and advisory services to help you bridge the gap between IT and the rest of business, and to raise the game of your IT management and teams so that they do more with less, and ensure that what they do is directly aligned with the business outcomes you want to achieve: 
  • More Profit
  • Less Waste
  • Projects that Work
  • IT that Enables Business


In our experience the IT savings that can be achieved may be as much as 50% of your IT budget, however the major benefits of engaging SBA to improve the alignment of your IT with your business will come through our improving the efficiency of your business by more effective exploitation of IT.


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