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Management Information & KPIs

One of the key management tools that has developed out of the business computing revolution is Management Information (otherwise called Business Intelligence or Reporting). It is the generation of intelligible and meaningful information from the mass of data accumulated in business systems, in the form of reports, dashboards, KPIs etc. 

In principle it seems a simple thing to gather data from computer systems to generate statistics, reports and other forms of information. In practice it can be challenging, the data may not be designed in such as way as to support the generation of the required information, or the IT department may not sufficiently understand the purpose behind the reports to enable them to convert the data into representative information - figures may be included which shouldn't be, margins may be misrepresented, calculations botched through ignorance of business finances... 

We are expert in transforming data into information and are experienced business people who understand the significance of the different types and purposes of information in business. If you're not getting the right information to help you run and improve the performance of your business then ask us to help, we'll guide you and your IT people to the best outcome available, and help you to understand and change the limitations that your current data imposes on your ability to generate meaningful information.

We can also help you to structure an information reporting system from scratch ensuring that the actions consequent from the information you use to manage the business have the desired outcomes - there is nothing quite so frustrating as seeing people earnestly striving to do the wrong thing because they are using the wrong measurements to guide them. 



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