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Document Management

Document Management is one of the major themes of modern business IT. We are creating ever more digital content - documents, emails, web pages, and these are becoming major information asset bases in our organisations. Our contect includes contracts, informal agreements, customer promises and problems, marketing materials, operating processes, product and service documentation, transaction records, the list is endless. Document management is very simply the business of capturing and managing this resources for the future. 

It may be a lawyer trying to find a clause she know exists which is relevant to the contract she is drawing up now, or an aerospace manufacturer needing to maintain technical documentation and specifications for their products as they evolve through multiple generations, a pharmaceutical company needing to maintain product testing and clinical trial records, or a corporate service provider needing to maintain records of company filings, contracts and board minutes.  Whichever, document management has become a major need.

Document management can range from the simplest form of a structured filing system, through a repository which enforces access control and change tracking, to a fully context-driven system in which the individual paragraphs of documents may be typified and separately maintained. In may be delivered using special software, integrated into standard word-processing tools, or made available internally and externally through a web portal.

SBA can help you with document management by:


  • Specifiying your document management needs
  • Selecting and implementing a suitable system
  • Creating document filing structures and document type definitions
  • Integrating your document management system with other systems
  • Creating workflow processes and security controls
  • Arranging large-scale legacy document capture


We have worked on document management from the modest needs of SMEs through to the implementation of large-scale systems for pharmaceutical development records, aircraft maiintenance manuals and offshore platform operating processes. Please call us to discuss your requirements and how we may be able to help. 

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